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To avoid a bad encounter for service

In our ever changing world and laxed regulation of service providers, I would ask you read the following. These are "only suggestions" but I do feel these are bare minimum to expect from reputable handyman/woman service providers.

What are you getting with this service provider?

Know what you want before you get estimates

.Before you begin talking to contractors,
start with a plan and some ideas. Go on Pinterest, Instagram, and sites like HGTV for
inspiration and ideas. Not only will you get a more accurate estimate if you can be very
specific about what you want done and the materials you would like to use, but you will
ensure you and the contractor are on the same page if you have pictures and examples
of the final product.

Ask for references

Friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors can be a great source for
finding a reliable contractor based on projects they’ve had completed. But don’t stop
there – ask for pictures and to talk with folks that have actually had work done by the
contractor you are referred to. Often times you will find out that they are friends of this
person and may not have direct experience with their work product. Additionally, if you
know someone in the building trades, ask them too.

Look online.

 Sites like Angi,com, HomeAdvisor, Google business pages and can help you find
reliable contractors. However, use these tools knowing contractors pay fees to be on the
sites and have their company listed.

Error in design

Webpage error

Plan to spend more than what’s listed in the contract.

Contractors can’t see through
walls, and unexpected hazards can come up throughout the process, like a rotted
subfloor being discovered when replacing flooring. Make sure you keep track of the
changes yourself with pictures and documentation.

Personal note; In my 26 years of construction, a change order has only happened 6 times, most every time I am very close to the true cost to complete the project.

Don’t expect the contractor to start right away.

The best contractors are the busy
ones! Be patient and accommodating to contractors as they like to set their own
schedules. However, once the project has started you should expect consistent work and

(Handyman247 is always booked 3 months out, but smaller projects can be squeezed in when possible)

Interview at least three contractors, even if you already have one in mind

Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with them and get a written bid from each one. When you’re comparing bids, make sure the scope of the project and list of
materials are the same so you’re comparing apples to apples. For example, when
putting a vanity in one contractor may itemize the materials as “replace toilet and
vanity” and another may itemize the materials as “36” vanity with granite top and
double faucet, ADA toilet 17 inch with dual flush.” Without the details, comparing the
estimates can be hard and you may not get what you want.

I have always pushed this issue with my customers so they find the right company for their projects. Your happiness is our top priority for all home projects.

Choose the right contractor for the right project.

Someone who did a good job
installing your neighbor’s new shower isn’t necessarily the right person to add an
addition to your home. Find a company that routinely does the work you want done.

Check licenses, complaints, history, and reviews.

General contractors and most
subcontractors should be licensed. Check the disciplinary boards, Better Business
Bureau, and local court records for problems. Ask the contractor for a copy of his
license and the licenses of the subcontractors working on the job. Check,
Google, and social media for reviews, but keep in mind that this is not a substitute for
checking references. Above all have a contract and go with your gut!

Personal note, If all the reviews are glowing 5 star, something not right! No business is without a few negative reviews about something. Handyman247 llc has reviews on, and Google business page. All my reviews are organic and are written from customers I have worked for.

Don’t pay more than 10% before the job starts.

You don’t want the contractor to use
your money to finish someone else’s job. The contract should include a payment
schedule and triggers for progress payments. NEVER pay for the whole job up front.


When you sign a contract with Handyman247llc everything is listed on that contract.  Most projects have a deposit for material cost, requested only 4 days before project start and most materials are delivered to sight with in 2-3 days of the down payment.

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